October 12, 2023

BrainTrain: A medical application for preventing of early-stage dementia - Sponsored by ITR VN

BrainTrain: The innovative cognitive training app designed to combat Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), enhancing cognitive function and quality of life through personalized exercises, progress tracking, and scientific grounding.

At ITRVN, we focus not only on the delivery of highest quality products and services to our customers, but also on the research and development of future technologies. We proudly present one-of-many, but also a prominent R&D project, sponsored by Impact Technical Resources Vietnam (ITRVN), which was spotlighted in the Vnexpress’ Creative Science Contest 2023.

BrainTrain: The App that Trains your Brain.  

  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), BrainTrain helps reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s diseases from the onset.
  • BrainTrain popularizes the treatment of Alzheimer’s diseases through the release of the mobile application nationwide.

The BrainTrain project was developed by the Brain Health Lab of the Medical Technology Department at the International University, National University of Ho Chi Minh City, in coordination with the Neurosurgery Department of Medic 175 Hospital, Vietnam. The BrainTrain mobile app is currently undergoing a test run at Medic 175 Hospital.

What is BrainTrain’s purpose?

The product is an application named BrainTrain, designed to help combat early-stage dementia by conducting cognitive game therapy. Dementia currently affects over 10% of the population above 60 years old, and its prevalence is increasing, particularly in lower-middle-income countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. With no cure available, the mortality rate is high, and following the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a shortage of healthcare resources.

BrainTrain aims to improve cognition at the early stage of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), which is the transitional stage between normal aging and dementia. During this stage, a “critical window” of 2-3 years exists where interventions can potentially slow the decline in cognition. BrainTrain works on this principle, aiming to strengthen neural connections and thus improve patient cognition, reducing the likelihood of progressing from MCI to dementia.

The application targets four cognitive functions affected in MCI patients: memory, attention, language, and mathematics. The application has two versions for rural and urban areas and will be tested for efficacy in improving cognition short-term (one month) and long-term (six months). The application also collects EEG data to understand neural activity changes as a result of cognitive game therapy.

In addition, an artificial intelligence model will be developed to predict the effectiveness of the BrainTrain intervention within the first month of use. The application and predictive model will be passed on to hospitals and health departments to aid doctors in providing alternative interventions for patients.  

The BrainTrain app is expected to intervene in MCI patients from the early stages of dementia, helping them exercise cognition daily, improving the lives of MCI patients in various regions, reducing treatment costs for dementia, and alleviating the burden on the economy and healthcare system.

More specifically, what does BrainTrain do to combat Mild Cognitive Impairment?

BrainTrain is a cognitive training application designed to improve the cognitive function and quality of life of individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). It offers a range of exercises and interventions specifically targeted at addressing the cognitive decline associated with MCI. Here are some of the key features and functions of BrainTrain:

  1. Cognitive Training Exercises: BrainTrain provides a variety of interactive exercises that target different cognitive domains such as memory, attention, problem-solving, language, and executive functions. These exercises are designed to stimulate neural pathways, promote brain plasticity, and enhance cognitive abilities.
  1. Personalized Training Programs: The application tailors the training programs to each individual’s needs and abilities. It adapts the difficulty level of exercises based on the user’s performance and progress, ensuring that the training remains challenging yet achievable.
  1. Progress Tracking: BrainTrain tracks the user’s performance and progress over time. It provides detailed feedback on performance metrics, allowing individuals to monitor their cognitive improvements and track their progress throughout the training process.
  1. Reminders and Notifications: The application includes reminder features to help users establish a regular training routine. It sends notifications and reminders to prompt users to engage in their cognitive training sessions consistently.
  1. Cognitive Assessments: BrainTrain may include cognitive assessment tools to evaluate the user’s cognitive abilities and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. These assessments help in creating personalized training plans and tracking cognitive improvements.
  1. Remote Access and Support: The application enables remote access, allowing individuals to engage in cognitive training from the comfort of their own homes. It may also provide support features such as access to educational resources, tips, and guidance from healthcare professionals or cognitive specialists.
  1. Scientifically Grounded Approach: BrainTrain is developed based on scientific research and evidence-based interventions for cognitive decline and MCI. The exercises and interventions within the application are designed to target specific cognitive processes and promote neuroplasticity.

The primary goal of BrainTrain is to slow down cognitive decline, improve cognitive functioning, and enhance the overall quality of life for individuals with MCI. By regularly engaging in cognitive training exercises tailored to their needs, users can potentially maintain or even regain cognitive abilities, which can have a positive impact on their daily functioning and independence.

FYI: If you or your senior(s) would like to attend the cognitive checkup and participate in the test run of BrainTrain under the supervision of 175 Hospital personnel, please contact them at the following number: 0888 124 000 for their arrangement.

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