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Building an innovative IoT product can be challenging as it involves a wide range of development and management processes.

Powered with over a decade of experience spanning diverse solutions, ITR possesses the knowledge required to harness the latest IoT advancements, hardware and software technologies, and development methodologies.

This expertise allows us to best help our client partners push through processes to deliver their products to the world at the right level of functionality, quality, cost to be — and stay, competitive.


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End-to-End Services

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of services, from PCB and product design, firmware, mobile, web app development to cloud infrastructure design and implementation.


We craft tailored product development strategies aligned with your business goals, facilitating streamlined development processes that guarantee faster time-to-market.

Technical Talents

Our rigorous recruiting and training processes ensures that we offer customers the top talents in the industry that are not only skilled but also dedicated to driving projects’ success.

Design Control

Leveraging our extensive experience in regulated industries we establish compliant design controls that elevate your product to meet the required safety and quality standards.


MedTech & Digital Health

Building an innovative IoT product can be challenging as it involves a wide range of development and management processes.

  • Wearable connected Medical Devices (IoMT)​

  • Regulatory compliant design control​

  • Clinical relevant sensors

  • Real-time diagnostic data collection & recording

  • Clinical relevant real-time AI data analysis, classification & prediction

  • Remote Patient device monitoring (RPM)

  • Telemedicine service – web/mobile apps for doctors and patients


Smart Automation

ITR assists businesses in building automation solutions that boost growth without increasing operational expenses proportionally.

  • Edge AI-based – machine vision devices

  • Industry segments specific design control

  • Real-time data collection & recording

  • Real-time AI data analysis, classification & prediction

  • Manual/Auto/Remote controls


Accompany customers
through every step in the product realization journey

Offshore Technical Talent Augmentation

Expand your team as needed with skilled offshore professionals.

  • Hardware Engineers

  • Embedded System Engineers​

  • Mobile/Web App Developers

  • UI/UX Designers​

  • Cloud System Developers​

  • Machine Learning Specialists

  • Data Scientists

  • Security Experts

  • Project Managers

  • Testing & QA Engineers

Complete Product Development

Handling entire product development process, from concept to market​.

  • From concept to market, we manage the entire product development lifecycle.​

  • Tailored approaches to fit your product's unique requirements and business goals.​

  • Harness our industry expertise for informed decision-making and faster time-to-market.​

Product Life Cycle Maintenance

Ensure our clients’ products thrive throughout their product life cycle:

  • Seamless support throughout the product’s life cycle

  • Ensure ongoing support and maintenance to address post-production challenges.​

  • Continuous improvements to guide the product's evolution, ensuring its longevity in the change market. ​

Manufacturing Processes Support

Assisting in volume production efficiency​.

  • Design for manufacturing​

  • Early-stage production planning​

  • Key items cost estimation

  • Supply chain management​

  • Production quality assurance

  • Regulatory compliance support​

  • Contract manufacturer selection​


Witness success stories


Biosensors Ring Wearable Implementation

ITR VN has developed the Biosensors Ring, a compact wearable device that offers medical-grade vital sign monitoring and can detect conditions like Arrhythmia, Heart Failure, and Hypertension. Overcoming challenges related to miniaturization, power efficiency, software security, and data analysis, the Biosensors Ring integrates groundbreaking technologies and features arrhythmia analysis, heart failure analysis, cuffless blood pressure monitoring, sleep apnea and sleep stage monitoring, fitness and activity monitoring, and stress level monitoring. It sets a new standard in wearable Medtech for continuous health monitoring.

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Smart Patient Remote Monitoring System

ITR VN's SPRM (Smart Patient Remote Monitoring) System is an IoT platform for remote monitoring of vital signs and cognitive data in COVID-19 patients. It offers multiple vital signs monitoring, data analysis, robust security, seamless integration, multi-connectivity options, and Contact Tracing. This system improves patient outcomes, enables timely alerts, and enhances healthcare accessibility, addressing critical pandemic challenges.

case study

FDA-Approved ACM System

ITR VN has developed an FDA-approved Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring (ACM) system, offering a comprehensive solution for diagnosing heart disease. The system consists of a wearable ECG monitoring device with advanced connectivity options, cloud infrastructure powered by AWS, and proprietary AI algorithms. It provides real-time data analysis, secure storage, and convenient access through mobile apps and a web portal. The ACM system enhances early diagnosis, reduces healthcare costs, and improves patient outcomes, revolutionizing cardiac monitoring. ITR VN's solution meets all regulatory standards and holds significant potential in the US healthcare market.

case study

IoT-enabled Water Coolers from Q&C

Q&C Water Coolers in Hungary offers an innovative IoT-enabled water cooler system that lets users monitor and control their water consumption via a mobile app. Their solution incorporates efficient heating and cooling technologies and self-diagnostics. It's managed through a centralized Q&C Cloud Platform and Portal and allows over-the-air firmware upgrades. The company has secured funding from various sources and received innovation awards. ITR VN provides services for hardware device design, embedded system development, user mobile app development, and manufacturing quality control mobile app development.

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Powered with years of experience in Digital Health and MedTech, ITR knows how to help our clients push through processes to deliver their products to the world at high levels of quality.

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