April 3, 2023

IoT-enabled Water Coolers from Q&C

Q&C Water Coolers in Hungary offers an innovative IoT-enabled water cooler system that lets users monitor and control their water consumption via a mobile app. Their solution incorporates efficient heating and cooling technologies and self-diagnostics. It's managed through a centralized Q&C Cloud Platform and Portal and allows over-the-air firmware upgrades. The company has secured funding from various sources and received innovation awards. ITR VN provides services for hardware device design, embedded system development, user mobile app development, and manufacturing quality control mobile app development.

Introduction of Q&C Water Cooler

Q&C Water Coolers ( is a Hungary-based company that specializes in providing a cutting-edge water cooler system. By incorporating IoT technology into their products, Q&C Water Coolers offers a distinctive user experience and enables users to monitor their water consumption for optimal hydration.

Business Needs

  • Create a more efficient and intelligent way for people to consume water.
  • Promote better health habits

Technical Challenges

Many IoT Solution Company has failed in developing a system that would allow for precise water temperature control and consumption monitoring while maintaining energy efficiency and meeting safety standards.

Q&C Solution for the IoT Water Cooler System

  • IoT-enabled Water Cooler System: an innovative IoT-enabled water cooler system that allows users to monitor and control their water consumption via a mobile app. Deploying advanced heating technology with 98% energy efficiency, an intelligent cooling system, and self-diagnostic capabilities.
  • Q&C Cloud Platform and Portal: The Q&C Cloud Platform and Portal provide a centralized management system for devices, users, and data analytics
  • Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrades: Over-the-air firmware upgrades allow Q&C Water Coolers to remotely update and improve the functionality of their devices without requiring physical access to the water coolers
  • Safety and Aesthetics: The Water Coolers Device is designed to meet safety standards for electrical appliances while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and compact design
  • Customer Support: Q&C Water Coolers provides comprehensive customer support, including warranty management, repair and maintenance services

Q&C Achievements


The company has secured funding from various sources, including:

  • Brexit Adjustment Reserve fund: 110 million HUF
  • Széchenyi 2020 fund: 67 million HUF
  • NKFI fund: 36.64 million HUF
  • EU funding: 66 million HUF


Q&C Water Coolers has also received recognition for their innovative technology and business practices, including:

  • Innovation Award at the Smart Solutions Awards Hungary 2020
  • 2nd place at the Innovative Hungary Award 2020
  • Best Product Award at the FoodExpo Hungary 2019

ITR VN Services

  • Hardware Design of Nano Water Cooler Device
  • Embedded System Development for Nano Water Cooler Device
  • Q&C’s User Mobile App Development
  • Q&C’s Manufacturing Quality Control Mobile App Development
  • Q&C’s Cloud Platform and Portal

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