Unlock your potential

For over decades of focusing on healthcare products from hardware development to digital platform development, we have built a strong team to able deliver a verified and classified under Class C classified software by FDA.

Join us and to be impactful engineers!

Why you'll love working here?

Making Impacts

Involving in the process of developing impactful and impressive health tech products that brings better treatment to everyday life of millions people.

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Benefits and perks

Competitive salary.

15 days annual leave.

Free lunch, snacks and monthly gathering parties.

Company trip and many exciting activities for team building.

Premium Healthcare Package.

13th month salary, performance rewards, and holiday bonuses - these are just a few of the advantages you'll get when you become part of our team.

A great opportunity to gain expertise and work with the latest and greatest technologies.

Open, dynamic and flat organizational structure working place.

Certification sponsorships.

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