Gain real-world experience and skills with ITRVN

Our internship program provides students with the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, work on real-world projects, and develop their technical skills.


Fast-Track Your Future

Welcome! We’re excited for you to learn more about internships program at ITR VN!

Internships at ITR VN are basically a 12-week experience and a prime opportunity for university students to accelerate their career by developing in-demand skills.

Interns are continuously trained and empowered to complete practical work and will have the opportunity to apply their studies to significant projects for the company. Meanwhile, they can enjoy our diversity #LifeAtITR and network with elite professionals.


Great benefits you might enjoy

A wide range of interesting perks and advantages that you can gain from being a Intern in ITR VN to advance fast in your career.

Internship Allowance

Supported with internship allowance and other forms of assistance.


Provided comprehensive training throughout the internship on specialized knowledge and soft skills, guided by mentors.

Future Promotion

Opportunity to transition to a full-time employee of the company after the internship period.

Lunch & Snacks

Offered lunch, snacks, tea breaks, and monthly parties during the internship.

Sport Activities

Participation in company sports activities such as Badminton Club, Football Club, etc.

Company Events

Engagement in company events like off-site activities, "Star of the Month", year-end parties, etc.

The Interview Process

Internship interviews at ITR VN followed by approximately three rounds.

During this process, we are looking to learn more about you, your skill sets, and the kind of work that excites you. This will help us match you with your future team at ITR VN.


Submit your CV and Transcript.

Entry Test

You need to take an Aptitude and IQ Test.


You have a 1:1 interview with the department head in Vietnamese or English (depending on the position).

We are looking for

  • Mobile: Flutter/React Native

  • Web: Front-end (ReactJS), Backend: Node JS/Golang/Python

  • AI: C++/ Python/ Edge Devices/Mini OS/English

  • QC: Auto, Manual

  • Firmware: C/ C++/ IoT/English

  • Hardware: PCB & Industrial design

We typically start posting roles on a rolling basis at the beginning of May for Summer Intern and July for Autumn intern. We will start accepting application as soon as they go live.

Once the role is open, you can apply directly on our Careers site.

Team of coworkers sitting around a table with a laptop, working together on a project.

Current opening positions

By connecting ambitious people, extraordinary feats can be accomplished. No matter the task, you'll find a squad of professionals that will support you in learning, growing and prospering.

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