October 25, 2023

Biosensors Ring Wearable Implementation

ITR VN has developed the Biosensors Ring, a compact wearable device that offers medical-grade vital sign monitoring and can detect conditions like Arrhythmia, Heart Failure, and Hypertension. Overcoming challenges related to miniaturization, power efficiency, software security, and data analysis, the Biosensors Ring integrates groundbreaking technologies and features arrhythmia analysis, heart failure analysis, cuffless blood pressure monitoring, sleep apnea and sleep stage monitoring, fitness and activity monitoring, and stress level monitoring. It sets a new standard in wearable Medtech for continuous health monitoring.


The Biosensors Ring, a cutting-edge wearable medical technology developed by ITR VN, is a compact, ring-shaped device designed to provide medical-grade vital sign monitoring and detect conditions such as Arrhythmia, Heart Failures, and Hypertension. This innovative wearable technology represents a significant advancement in the field of Medtech, offering a non-invasive and convenient solution for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Business Needs and Technical Challenges

The development of the Biosensors Ring by ITR VN was driven by pressing business needs and encountered several technical challenges:

Business Needs:

  1. Enhanced Patient Care: The healthcare industry requires innovative solutions for continuous patient monitoring, especially for conditions like Arrhythmia, Heart Failure, and Hypertension.
  2. User Convenience: There was a growing demand for non-invasive, user-friendly medical devices that can seamlessly fit into patients' daily lives. Wearable technology was seen as a key to enhancing user convenience and compliance.
  3. Data Accuracy: Accurate and real-time vital sign monitoring was essential to provide healthcare professionals with reliable data for diagnosis and treatment.

Technical Challenges:

  1. Miniaturization: Creating a wearable device with miniaturized electronic designs was a significant technical challenge. Shrinking the hardware without compromising functionality and performance required innovative engineering solutions.
  2. Power Efficiency: Achieving an ultra-low power platform for extended battery life posed a substantial technical challenge. This was essential to ensure the device's ability to offer 7 days of continuous monitoring on a single charge.
  3. Software Security: Integrating RUST to create secure, concurrent, and memory-safe software was essential to safeguard patient data and ensure the device's reliability.
  4. Data Analysis: Implementing advanced data analysis and TinyML models for medical-grade health analysis required overcoming the complexities of real-time data processing and analysis.

ITR VN’s Technologies & Solutions

The Biosensors Ring, developed by ITR VN, is a marvel of technological innovation. It integrates several groundbreaking technologies and solutions across hardware, software, and data processing, redefining the capabilities of wearable Medtech.

  1. Miniaturized Electronic Designs: The Bio-Ring's compact electronic design ensures discreet and comfortable wear for continuous monitoring.
  2. Advanced Software Development:
    · Ultra-Low Power Platform: A deep understanding of micro-controller architecture enables the Biosensors Ring to offer 7 days of continuous monitoring on a single charge, enhancing user convenience.
    · RUST Integration: RUST is seamlessly integrated to create secure, concurrent, and memory-safe software, guaranteeing data security.
  3. Integrated Data Analysis and TinyML Model: The Biosensors Ring's advanced data analysis and TinyML models deliver real-time medical-grade health analysis.

Technical Specifications:

  • Supported Sensors: Vital signs monitoring includes Heart Rates, SpO2, Skin temperature, ECG, and a 6-axis motion sensor.
  • NFC Wireless Charging: Convenient NFC wireless charging.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Communication: Seamless data transfer and analysis via Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Long Battery Life: A 22mAh Li-Po battery offers up to 7 days of continuous monitoring on a single charge.

Key Features:

  • Arrhythmia Analysis: Accurate detection of arrhythmias.
  • Heart Failure Analysis: Early signs of heart failure detection.
  • CUFFLESS BLOOD Pressure Monitoring: Comfortable and convenient blood pressure monitoring.
  • Sleep Apnea and Sleep Stage Monitoring: Precise sleep monitoring.
  • Fitness and Activity Monitoring: Tracks fitness levels and activity.
  • Stress Level Monitoring: Real-time stress level monitoring for better mental well-being.

The Biosensors Ring's technological prowess brings medical-grade health monitoring into a user-friendly, compact wearable, advancing Medtech standards.

The achievements of ITR VN’s BIO-RING Hardware Platform with Medical Grade Vital Signs Data Collection

The bar chart below confirms the performance of the ECG Algorithm and validates BIO-RING.

Beat Detection & Classification
AFIB Rhythm Classification

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