December 28, 2022

Kidpod Technology

KidPod is a child-specific smart speaker featuring NFC-based interaction and educational content. It provides a safe alternative to excessive screen time with innovative tech, such as dual wireless connectivity and low-latency streaming via AWS. KidPod has won awards and plans to expand internationally in Southeast Asia. ITR VN offers hardware design, embedded system development, and manufacturing management services.

Kidpod Technology Introduction

KidPod ( is a smart speaker designed specifically for children, featuring an intuitive NFC-based interface and a range of engaging and educational audio content. Developed with a focus on safety, simplicity, and ease of use, KidPod provides children with a fun and interactive way to listen to stories, music, and more, while also giving parents peace of mind. With its innovative hardware and software solutions, KidPod represents an exciting new development in the world of children’s smart devices.

Business Needs and Technical Challenges

In recent years, there has been growing concern about the impact of smartphones and tablets on children’s development and well-being. Many children spend an excessive amount of time on these devices, which can lead to addiction, sleep disturbances, and other negative effects.

There is a growing need to develop educational tools that can stimulate children’s imaginations and encourage healthy technology use. With the rise of smartphone addiction among children, it is more important than ever to provide safe and engaging alternatives that can promote learning and creativity. By creating innovative solutions like KidPod, we can help address these concerns and provide parents and caregivers with the tools they need to ensure their children are using technology in a responsible and beneficial way.

Kidpod Technology Solutions

KidPod is dedicated to providing an alternative to smartphones and tablets that can help children stay away from these devices and promote healthy technology use. By offering a safe and intuitive smart speaker designed specifically for children, KidPod aims to give parents and caregivers greater control over the type of content their children are exposed to.

The engaging and educational audio content available through KidPod can help stimulate children’s minds and encourage them to explore their interests and passions. By leveraging the latest hardware and software solutions, KidPod provides a reliable and user-friendly audio experience for children, without the risks associated with excessive smartphone and tablet use.

Technologies and noticeable features of the system

ITR VN has been dedicated to provide its technical solution to the develop an IoT (Internet of Things) smart speaker designed specifically for children, utilizing cutting-edge hardware and software solutions to provide a unique and engaging audio experience. The device features advanced connectivity options such as dual wireless solutions (WIFI and Bluetooth) enabled by Espressif’s ESP32, as well as NFC (Near-Field Communication) enabled by STMicroelectronics’s ST25R95. These features allow children to interact with the device in new and exciting ways, such as initiating audio playback by placing a KidPal figure or books on top of the speaker.

The hardware components of KidPod include an high resolutions audio codec from Texas Instrument (TLV320A), and high quality audio amplifier, and a 4W speaker, which deliver high-quality sound that is both clear and dynamic. The device also features a 32GB of audio strorage, enabling children to enjoy their favorite audio content without an internet connection.

KidPod’s software solution is built on top of AWS cloud services, ensuring reliable and low-latency audio streaming that is curated specifically for children. The audio files are stored in S3 storage and accessed via API Gateway, with Lambda functions performing authentication and authorization checks to ensure that only authorized users can access the audio content. A lightweight audio player optimized for low-latency audio playback is used to facilitate audio streaming, providing a seamless and responsive audio experience for children.

Kidpod also makes use of innovative techniques to enable low power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective IoT device. By incorporating these advanced techniques, Kidpod is able to provide long battery life and sustainable performance.

Kidpod takes a data-driven approach to improving the user experience of their smart speaker for children. By collecting and analyzing data reported from the device, Kidpod gains valuable insights into how children interact with the product. This information is then used to identify areas for improvement and tailor the user experience to better meet the needs of its young audience. This approach ensures that Kidpod remains a relevant and valuable tool for children and their families, by continuously analyzing data and iterating on the product based on user feedback.

Overall, KidPod is a powerful and intuitive tool that promotes imagination, creativity, and learning while helping children stay away from smartphones and tablets. The combination of advanced hardware and software solutions makes KidPod a safe and engaging device for children, providing a unique audio experience that is both fun and educational.

Kidpod Technology Achievements

Kidpod has garnered significant recognition since its inception, with multiple award wins to its name. In 2020, it won the prestigious Tech Planter Vietnam award, followed by the ASEAN ICT Awards in 2021, and the Asia Hardware Battle in the same year. These accolades attest to the innovative and impactful nature of the Kidpod product, as well as the company’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by children in the digital age.

In addition to its success in the domestic market, the company has ambitious plans to expand Kidpod’s reach internationally, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia markets. Leveraging its success at home, Kidpod is poised to capitalize on the growing demand for innovative and engaging educational products for children across the region.

Technical services provided by ITR VN

  • Kidpod Hardware Design (PCB Design and Enclosure Design)
  • Kidpod Embedded System Development
  • Product Manufacturing Management

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