October 16, 2023

Trend Solar

Trend Solar offers affordable solar power solutions for areas with weak infrastructure in Africa. They provide portable solar panels, a monitoring app, and cloud support, using advanced technologies. Their achievements include enhancing lives, reducing emissions, and receiving recognition and government backing. Services encompass hardware design, embedded systems, app development, cloud support, and product manufacturing management.

Trend Solar introduction

Trend Solar ( is a solar power system that is designed to provide affordable and clean energy to communities in regions with weak power infrastructure in Africa. The system consists of three main components: the Trend Solar device, the Trend Solar app, and the Trend Solar cloud.

Business needs and technical challenges

The lack of reliable and affordable energy is a significant challenge for many communities in the world, particularly in regions with weak power infrastructure. The high cost of traditional power sources and the lack of access to modern technology and services are also significant barriers to economic development and growth. To address these challenges, Trend Solar needed to develop a reliable and affordable solar power system that could be easily accessible to communities in need.

Trend Solar solutions

To address these challenges, Trend Solar developed a solar power system that is affordable and easy to use. The Trend Solar device is a solar panel that is designed to capture energy from the sun and store it in its battery. The Trend Solar app is a mobile application that allows users to monitor the performance of the device and manage their energy usage. The Trend Solar cloud is a web-based platform that allows Trend Solar to monitor the performance of the device and provide support to customers.

Explanations of the technical solutions

The Trend Solar device is designed to be easy to use and affordable. It is built with high-quality materials to ensure that it can withstand extreme weather conditions and provide reliable energy for years. The device is also designed to be portable, making it easy for users to move it around as needed.

The Trend Solar app provides users with a simple and intuitive interface to monitor the performance of the device and manage their energy usage. Users can view the amount of energy that their device is producing, track their energy usage over time, and receive notifications when their device needs to be serviced or requires maintenance.

The Trend Solar cloud is a web-based platform that allows Trend Solar to monitor the performance of the device and provide support to customers. The platform provides real-time data on the performance of the device, including information on energy production, battery levels, and usage patterns. Trend Solar can also use this data to identify issues with the device and provide support to customers when needed.

Technologies and noticeable features of the system

Trend Solar is powered by STM32 MCU (an ultra-low power microcontroller) and a BLE chip from Texas Instruments. The device includes a custom-designed solar panel that can generate up to 10A of current, making it suitable for supplying power to a wide range of electronic devices (Light bulbs, Satellite TV, Phone, Fan).

Trend Solar is a pioneer in IoT technology. During the early stages of BLE, when BLE was just released, Trend Solar utilized the BLE chip, which is the world’s most optimal solution for both power consumption and cost efficiency for BLE by TI.

Trend Solar implements Pay-as-you-go Solar based on Mobile Money service provided by mobile operators in Kenya and Tanzania. This solution was proposed to adapt the most popular payment method used with mobile phone in Africa.

Trend Solar has developed algorithms to calculate the capacity, lifespan, and quality of the battery. Analyzing the current flow of the battery helps evaluate the quality of the solar panel, and provide recommendations for cleaning to efficiently obtain energy from the sun.

Trend Solar provides a complete ecosystem for users, including the Trend Solar Device, Trend Solar mobile app, and Trend Solar Cloud. Additionally, Trend Solar offers compatible devices such as phones and televisions to enhance the quality of life for those living in areas with limited access to electricity.

Trend Solar Achievements

Since its launch, Trend Solar has provided reliable and affordable energy to communities in need. The system has helped to improve the quality of life for people living in regions with weak power infrastructure, providing them with access to modern technology and services that were previously unavailable to them. Additionally, Trend Solar has helped to reduce carbon emissions by providing clean energy to communities that would otherwise rely on traditional power sources.

In addition to the above, Trend Solar has also achieved several notable accolades. The company won the AppsAfrica Innovation Awards in 2017, which recognizes innovative technology solutions in Africa. In 2018, Trend Solar was a finalist in the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Africa, a prestigious startup competition. Furthermore, Trend Solar has received support from the governments of the United Kingdom, Kenya, and Tanzania, indicating the company’s potential to make a significant impact on the energy industry and beyond.

Services provided by ITR VN

  • Trend Solar Hardware Design
  • Trend Solar Embedded System Development
  • Trend Solar Mobile App Development
  • Trend Solar Cloud and Portal Development
  • Product Manufacturing Management

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